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Mr. Rambler - April 9th, 2020

So. Most pages are changed in some way. I put in buttons. There is now a Latin blog but... 100% of the content of that blog is directly translated from English to Latin with Google Translate. I know very little Latin, but I am pretty sure Google's Latin can use some work.

I put the Latin blog posts in the same directory as the other blog posts but with the ending of '_la'. I figure that this will make it easy for me to easily find the pages that need revision. So far I have avoided bulky databases and I intend to continue to do so.

I have put a public PGP key on the My Friends page so people can email me. I will make a blog post about using PGP keys soon.

RSS support is still planned though I have not even began looking into how it will work. I assume that people subscribe to the RSS file that I host and then RSS readers will notice a difference but I am unsure. Ideally, I would find a script that produces the RSS file by itself.

I will create a 'rolling release' blog page, it shall supercede the index though the index will still be avaliable for all to see. I think I will keep the 'rr' blog page only in English until my Latin improves. In addemem, I think I will stop producing Latin blog posts, directly copying to Google translate then pasting it on the html file is truely disgusting.