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My plans for this website

Mr. Rambler - April 8th, 2020

I have acomplished my main goal which is a minimalistic semi-decent blog website. If I wanted to get fancy I could add a way to automate the posting on this website since the 'code' for the blog posts are literally just basic HTML. Learning about CSS was fun and I managed to get the 'footer' to auto-change when I change a thing on the CSS file.

I will go ahead and create more goals since I do want a decent blog website

What I will blog about... I do intend on putting a website on a domain (not nessisarly this one) so I am unsure weither I want to work 'hard' on this blog. Honestly I had the most fun creating the blog and creating a multipage blogpost (bloat) Initially I had plans to file by year/month/day/hour... etc but I decided against that and to just throw all the blog posts in one folder. They are not named in a cryptic manner so if I ever want to revise something it would be easy. I'll have to remember to add a 'edited' header after the date posted I guess.

About the aliens

They are aliens and they are not from Earth so I still hate them, even in this not-a-joke blogpost. 🤷‍♂️ It is what it is.